Ladies and Gentleman

SUDAN PARTNER AG has been established in Olten since 1917. Its close bonds with the city and the whole region of Olten are expressed through the three triangles in its logo. On one side, they symbolise the three firs as landmarks of the city of Olten. On the other side they express the three main fields of activity: auditing, tax consulting and trust mandates.

At the time that we audit the end of year accounts, when we give tax advice or when we are busy with trust matters, we are dealing with your problems. The purpose and aim of our activity is to provide the services which our client requires, which will lead to a better understanding of your undertaking and your assets, and also will result in an optimisation of your tax position.

Provided we have your confidence, your problems will become our problems, which we want to solve together by means of our special capabilities in the auditing and tax consulting sector. We have been able to advise most of our clients for many years. During that time we have established a mutual respect which is a sine-qua-non for high quality advice. Good advice also demands mutual communication.

As businesses have become more international in their outlook, SUDAN PARTNER AG has expanded its services. Through its membership of TIAG – The International Accounting Group a world-wide network of consultants is available to its clients.

We offer a personal service to our clients and specialise in medium-sized family-owned enterprises.

President of the board

Peter Gubler

Umsetzung: apload GmbH